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Sports Massage


Sports Massage is incorporated into a training program to help prepare or recover from competition, prevent injury from occurring, provide assistance in technique correction and to maintain overall optimal physical health. Here at Studio Musculoskeletal we work with you to develop a treatment plan based on your goals- whether that be to complement your training regime, address a specific injury or assist in overall physical maintenance.

 We Don’t Just Massage

Here at Studio Musculoskeletal our Sports Massage is not to be confused with general “ massage”. It’s so much more.  Our therapists are degree qualified Musculoskeletal Therapists who will provide you with a more specialized treatment to suit your overall goals.

So what’s the difference?

Firstly your therapist will perform a thorough assessment of the presenting complaint. They will perform functional tests to assess the muscular, joint and neurological components and how these could be impacting your athletic performance or causing injury. They will look at your posture, movement patterns and technique, and will discuss any occupational and environmental elements which may be causing or aggravating the issue.

Traditional Sports Massage and Remedial Massage techniques will form the basis of the soft tissue treatment, however, our therapists are equipped with more thorough soft tissue skills and may incorporate additional techniques such as, trigger point release, facilitated stretching, Muscle Energy, Myofascial Release and Positional Release Techniques. Not only are our MST’s soft tissue experts, but they are also qualified to apply other instrumented treatment methods to more thoroughly address your complaint. Where indicated therapists will apply joint and neurological mobilization, Myofacial Dry Needling, Cupping Therapy and hot/cold thermal treatments to restore normal function.

Our MST’S take an integrated holistic approach to Sports Massage, not only providing the highest standard of soft tissue therapy, but can also develop corrective plans to address postural and movement imbalances that may be affecting your athletic performance and to further prevent future injury, improve performance and maintain better physical health.

 Who Can Benefit?

If you experience pain during or following exercise or have a specific injury requiring treatment, then Sports Massage will be beneficial. However, you do not need to be suffering from pain or injury to have Sports Massage. Just the same- Sports Massage if not just for athletes. Any individual who participates in physical activity can benefit. In fact, we highly recommend discussing a long term management program with one of our therapists to ensure you stay injury free and keep hitting those physical health goals. Our Sports Massage management programs can assist with:

Pre-training - treatment within 48 hours of competing can increase flexibility of joints and elasticity in the muscles. It encourages increased blood flow to the tissues, which improves tissue health, condition and flexibility prior to the sporting event

Post-training - treatment within 72 hours of an event will aid recovery of the muscle and joint. This treatment will improve circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system to remove lactic and carbonic acids from the tissue- resulting in decreased muscle soreness and fatigue. Post event Sports Massage also helps to assess for the presence of any injuries- musculoskeletal and neurological, that may have resulted during performance

General Maintenance – Regular treatments with one of our therapists will help improve muscle flexibility, reduce muscular soreness and metabolic waste product accumulation, break down any scar tissue, improve joint position and function, as well as mobilize and stretch neural pathways. Our MST’s can also work with you to correct poor technique, posture and movement patterns to improve your athletic performance and overall physical health.

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Studio Musculoskeletal is a boutique physical therapy practice specialising in Musculoskeletal Therapy, Remedial Massage, Sports Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Dry Needling and Cupping Therapy. We service Albion, Clayfield, Ascot, Hendra, Hamilton, Bowen Hills, Brisbane City, Nundah and Wavell Heights, but welcome clients from all over Brisbane.

Let us help you improve your musculoskeletal health. For more information or to arrange an appointment book online now or phone our Albion clinic on 07 3262 7182