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Kristina Bannister

Musculoskeletal Therapist, Myotherapist, Remedial Massage Therapist




Kristina’s interest in health and fitness lead her along the pathway of natural health.
She completed a Certificate III in fitness while still at school. Her desire to help people lead her onto then completing her Personal Training Certificate and then onto Massage Therapy. With a desire to move more into Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation; and a strong foundation in Massage Therapy, she then went on to complete a Bachelor Health Science Myotherapy (Musculoskeletal Therapy)
Kristina’s areas of interest include:
Functional impairments of nerve
Cervical conditions including migraines/headaches
Shoulder and knee conditions
Sporting injuries and rehabilitation

Common conditions treated, but not limited to:
Neck pain and stiffness
Shoulder pain and misalignment
Lower back pain and stiffness
Conditions of the hip
Sciatic pain
Knee pain
Kristina believes a hands on treatment approach and client education is the key to correctly treating the root cause of musculoskeletal complaints.  Kristina believes education is the key to improving her clients physical health and preventing further injuries. She takes a holistic approach to treatment- looking at not only the muscular structures, but also addressing the neurological and joint components as well as correcting posture. 
Kristina leads a healthy, active lifestyle and has a special interest in cycling and adrenaline related sports.
Kristina delivers Musculoskeletal Therapy treatments which incorporate- soft tissue manipulation, trigger point therapy, dry needling, electro-needling, cupping, Myofascial Release Therapy, Muscle Energy Technique, joint and neurological mobilization, as well as Musculoskeletal Sports Therapy and Remedial Therapy
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