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Our health and wellbeing are in many ways defined by our patterns of sleep. Just as our body regulates our daily drinking, breathing and eating habits, the same is true for sleep. If you are getting enough high-quality sleep at the right times it can...

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease that impacts the bone and cartilage within the joint. The ends of our joints are cushions by smooth, rubbery connective tissue called cartilage. The role of this cartilage is to create a smooth and easy movement of the bones...

One of the most common causes of “runners’ knee” ITB Syndrome or the iliotibial band syndrome accounts for approximately 20% of injuries attributed to overuse in runners. The ITB is a band of fascia which stems from the gluteus maximus and Tensor Fascia Latae muscles...

Young athletes and adults are pushing themselves harder than ever before. Striving for the perfect body shape, elite strength, speed and technique. The harder we work the more important it is to take the time to properly plan to avoid injury and recover efficiently. Thankfully, there is...

It's important to understand what to do when acute injury strikes. In the first 72 hours of certain injuries, it can be incredibly effective to ice the area. There is a chemical that causes muscles to contract and activate pain responses cause acetylcholine. Ice is...

Discover the studio musculoskeletal therapies


As an evidence based rehabilitation treatment for musculoskeletal pain, stress and discomfort, Myotherapy is a form of physical therapy used to treat and prevent soft tissue pain and restricted joint movement. Founded on Western Medicine principles, this hands-on treatment works to heal musculoskeletal structures contributing to pain, dysfunction and an altered state of physical wellbeing.

We strongly believe that acupuncture, massage and good nutrition are the key tools for maintaining a thriving standard of wellbeing in today’s busy lifestyle. Traditional methods, like Acupuncture, have been used in China for thousands of years and have been found to be a superb tool for maintaining optimum health and promote healing.

Pregnancy Massage
Our pregnancy massage is a combination of Remedial Massage and Myotherapy techniques, tailored to the needs of expectant mothers. In the hands of our qualified professional therapists, we are with you through your pregnancy and early stages of parenthood, providing musculoskeletal care from the prenatal stage, through each trimester of the pregnancy, and postnatal.

Remedial Massage
If you suffer from muscular pain or stiffness, regularly engage in physical activity or experience high stress levels; our highly trained therapists can assist to alleviate musculoskeletal stress, discomfort and pain; so you can achieve optimum physical health and well-being. At Studio Musculoskeletal, we’ve got your back!