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Sever's Disease occurs when excessive forces cause injury to the growth plate of the heel in early adolescence and is one of the most common causes of heel pain in active children. The injury usually occurs during adolescence when kids reach early puberty and have...

The Meniscus Tear  Your meniscus is a shock absorber that allows our knees to absorb large amounts of force when active. By absorbing these forces your meniscus ensures that your bone surfaces are not damaged. Additionally, the meniscus is important for rotational stability of your knee....

Sciatica is a pain that is felt by over 40% of the population at some point during their lives. Sciatica is a pain the can be felt in your lower back that runs along the sciatic nerve, all the way down to your hamstrings and...

Compartment Syndrome Compartment syndrome is a condition that affects the lower leg. There are many compartments in your lower leg with different nerves, muscles, blood vessels and tendons running through the compartments. There is fascia surrounding your compartment which is crucial to divide the muscle from...

Also referred to as Achilles Tendinopathy it is usually an overuse injury that is seen commonly in people who run regularly. Achilles Tendinopathy includes a large range of tendon issues including tendinitis but also referring to other Achilles tendon issues. Your tendons are the fibres...

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As an evidence based rehabilitation treatment for musculoskeletal pain, stress and discomfort, Myotherapy is a form of physical therapy used to treat and prevent soft tissue pain and restricted joint movement. Founded on Western Medicine principles, this hands-on treatment works to heal musculoskeletal structures contributing to pain, dysfunction and an altered state of physical wellbeing.

We strongly believe that acupuncture, massage and good nutrition are the key tools for maintaining a thriving standard of wellbeing in today’s busy lifestyle. Traditional methods, like Acupuncture, have been used in China for thousands of years and have been found to be a superb tool for maintaining optimum health and promote healing.

Pregnancy Massage
Our pregnancy massage is a combination of Remedial Massage and Myotherapy techniques, tailored to the needs of expectant mothers. In the hands of our qualified professional therapists, we are with you through your pregnancy and early stages of parenthood, providing musculoskeletal care from the prenatal stage, through each trimester of the pregnancy, and postnatal.

Remedial Massage
If you suffer from muscular pain or stiffness, regularly engage in physical activity or experience high stress levels; our highly trained therapists can assist to alleviate musculoskeletal stress, discomfort and pain; so you can achieve optimum physical health and well-being. At Studio Musculoskeletal, we’ve got your back!