We Are Studio Musculoskeletal

Not your traditional physical therapy clinic. We actively promote happiness, health and healing.
Step inside our studio and discover our unique hands-on approach to healing pain, discomfort and stress.




As an evidence based rehabilitation treatment for musculoskeletal pain, stress and discomfort, Myotherapy is a form of physical therapy used to treat and prevent soft tissue pain and restricted joint movement. Founded on Western Medicine principles, this hands-on treatment works to heal musculoskeletal structures contributing to pain, dysfunction and an altered state of physical wellbeing.



We strongly believe that acupuncture, massage and good nutrition are the key tools for maintaining a thriving standard of wellbeing in today’s busy lifestyle. Traditional methods, like Acupuncture, have been used in China for thousands of years and have been found to be a superb tool for maintaining optimum health and promote healing.

Pregnancy Massage


Our pregnancy massage is a combination of Remedial Massage and Myotherapy techniques, tailored to the needs of expectant mothers. In the hands of our qualified professional therapists, we are with you through your pregnancy and early stages of parenthood, providing musculoskeletal care from the prenatal stage, through each trimester of the pregnancy, and postnatal.

Remedial Massage


If you suffer from muscular pain or stiffness, regularly engage in physical activity or experience high stress levels; our highly trained therapists can assist to alleviate musculoskeletal stress, discomfort and pain; so you can achieve optimum physical health and well-being. At Studio Musculoskeletal, we’ve got your back!


We’re leaders in holistic health and innovative physical therapy.

We believe in a holistic and individually tailored approach for the treatment of pain and discomfort. Intrigued?

We Care


Our treatments are results-driven, science based techniques, delivered with the utmost care. An alternative to traditional physical therapies, our treatments are tailored to each individual concern. Our purpose at Studio Musculoskeletal is to help you live a happy, healthy and healing life.


We Educate


As leaders in physical therapy, we are passionate educators. We aim to give you the information and knowledge you need to practice a healthy and healing lifestyle.


And we Practice Holistic Health


We recognise the uniqueness in all of you and always aim to be caring and generous in our time spent with you. We provide the highest quality of care and support during our treatments, leading you to live a life of optimal health.

Providing exceptional, educational and hands-on treatments will always be our commitment to you. Equipped with modern techniques and our ‘outside the box’ approach, we ensure you’re taken care of.


We welcome all patients through our doors and have tailored treatments to suit all concerns.

Why Us?


We like to think we’re a little different. We’re passionate about holistic health and physical therapy but know the same old treatments won’t get new results. Our education, commitment and hands-on approach means that we treat your concern beyond your appointment. We educate, treat and lead you to live a holistic, healthy life.